Friday, March 07, 2014

Small Stationery Haul

So today I decided to go for a walk around my small town of Hereford. It doesn't have many shops so finding good stationery at reasonable prices is quite small. I spent around 3.5-4 hours walking around from shop to shop, looking for new stationery to try out. I bought 9 items which all added up to just under £16. I will talk you through what I bought and where I found them. The only thing I haven't photographed alone is the clear pocket which is in the first picture underneath everything else. I got it for £0.50 from Wilkinsons and I'll be using it for my Samaritan's training handouts and notes.

I have been searching for these awesome Knock Knock brand of sticky notes both in stores and online, with no success. But when I walked into Waterstones, I found several different designs for £2.99 each! Okay, it's pretty expensive, I would've preferred £2 or less then I would've bought more designs, but seeing as I cannot find these anywhere else I thought I'd get a pack of the design I liked the best. The other designs they had were Note To Self, OMG, and the Someday set. The sticky notes itself seems to be good quality and is able to stick well to my Filofax pages, however there isn't a great deal of space to write.

 I am still interested in getting more designs but I'd prefer a lower price... If you know any sellers or stores online, or if you're willing to send me some, please leave a comment or email me! 

This beautiful owl sticky note set was found in WHSmith. They had a range of cute stationery but their prices are way too high to buy them all (otherwise I definitely would!). I walked around the store looking for mainly sticky notes and stickers to use in my Filofax, or to send to penpals, and I found this one for £3.49. The price is very high, but I couldn't resist it. Owl stationery is VERY hard to find online and in stores, so I couldn't pass it up and I knew I would use it regularly. 

They seem to stick well to the pages, and have enough space to write on without having to write very small. I would recommend them, but make sure you are going to use them so not to waste that much money.

These washi tape sets were both from Wilkinsons and have been available for quite a while. My local Wilkinsons only open late last year, so I've only been to the store 2-3 times, and each time I would pick the washi tape up and then put it back down. I've seen other people use them with fairly good reviews. The sets cost £1.75 each which is reasonable as you get two washi tapes of different designs and sizes. They had 1-2 other designs but they weren't as nice as these two. 

When I stuck them down to my desk, they seemed to stick well and weren't very thin which is good. I definitely am going to use them in the future, and I am glad now I bought them. I would recommend them.

This cute pen is also from Wilkinsons and was a very good price of £1. I wasn't looking for pens specifically, but they were just too cute to pass up! Wilkinsons have other notebooks, notepads, pens, letter sets and so on in this design, and I would definitely recommend them. I don't use notebooks very often, but if I did I definitely would buy them!

The pen itself is comfortable to hold and write with, and the ink flows very nicely, but the ink doesn't dry very fast so it will likely smudge. For the price and the design, I would definitely recommend the pen for anyone who loves wildlife (and cute designs in general ^_^).

I have been looking for a nice white or clear pen holder to go on my white desk from Ikea, but I couldn't find anything big or nice enough. However, today I found this very nice pen holder in Wilkinsons for £2.50. I think this is a great price for the pot, seeing as plain and not as appealing pen pots in place such as Ryman and WHSmith are double the price or more. I have put the owl pen in there to show you how much room it has, but in the future I will be doing a desk tour post and it will feature the pot being fully used :) Wilkinsons also has other products in this design such as paper holders and magazine racks.

These simple address sticky labels are also from Wilkinsons at the price of £0.60 for 30 labels. They are going to be great for my penpal envelopes and were an unexpected but happy find! Whether you send out mail regularly, or just now and again, I would definitely recommend to get some of these because I guarantee these will come in good use!

And lastly, I bought these three lip balms from Wilkinsons for £0.99! ( know they're not stationery, but I thought they were a great and cheap find that I thought I would share. They come in the flavours strawberry, watermelon, and grape. I've currently tried the watermelon flavour so far and I can say that the lip balm is not too thick or watery, and the flavour isn't too overpowering or weak. I would definitely recommend them for people who get dry lips like myself :)

So that was what I spend nearly 4 hours buying, and I am pretty happy with all of the products. They are all going to come in handy and be put to good use. Let me know if any of you have bought things from either the stores mentioned (whether it's the same product I've bought or different) I would love to hear your reviews on them, and how you use it :)

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