Monday, March 03, 2014

10 Facts About Me!

I personally like to know people who run the blogs I like (not that I know of anyone who likes my blog ^.^) so I thought I would do a facts about me post so you can get to know me :) Any questions feel free to comment or email me!

1. I am currently 19 years old.
2. I live in a rural part of the UK on the borders of England and Wales. It takes about an hour to walk through the entire city, so you can imagine how small it is! There aren't very many shops here, so it's very hard to find stationery you're looking for.
3. I am in my last year in college studying Public Services and aspiring to become a qualified Paramedic. I feel I have a passion for first aid, and I love helping people in anyway I can.
4. I have 6 cats called Oki, Pepper, Shiloh, Penny, Luna, and Mila (I am not a crazy cat lady I must state!).
5. I don't drink, smoke, or take drugs.
6. I have recently started to read a lot, including the full Harry Potter series, and a few Stephen King books. Currently I have roughly 65 books.
7. I have had my tonsils removed in 2011 and appendix removed in 2013.
8. I have always had a big interest in stationery, planning, and organising. I found out about Filofaxes in the end of 2012 and bought my first one in January 2013 which was a Black A5 Identity (it now has a new owner in America). I bought my second and current Filofax in June 2013 which is a Pink A5 Finsbury.
9. I dye my hair very often, and I learned how to cut and dye hair at a young age.
10. I am a recovered anorexic and bulimic; I also have been diagnosed with depression and chronic anxiety which I take regular medication to control. I don't speak often of these issues, but I am more than happy to answer questions or share my experiences in order to help others understand what is it like to live and deal with one of those disorders everyday, and to help people who are struggling today.

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