Thursday, March 27, 2014

KiddyQualia Review: A5 Lined Rainbow Paper

I was in need of some more lined paper for my Filofax and decided to go with KiddyQualia's A5 36 sheets planner lined notepaper from etsy. I purchased the notepaper on February 15th and they were dispatched on February 23rd, I received the order on the 3rd of March. On the order it says she usually ships within 4-6 business days which is reasonable.

So this is what I received along with the line notepaper: a Ben Franklin quote, heart glitter stickers hamster sticker, bear sticker, and rabbit stickers. I really like when sellers/shops include a little thank you note or gift with your purchase, it makes it feel more special :)

These are all the lined notepaper colours, 2 pieces in each colours so 18 colours in total. They are a lot more sturdier than the Filofax notepaper, and the lines are slightly darker and go right to the edges of the paper.

A close up of the KiddyQualia blue lined notepaper on the left, and the Filofax blue lined notepaper on the right.
Here is the light and darker green pages from KiddyQualia in my Pink A5 Finsbury

The 36 pieces of notepaper don't take up too much space in my Filofax, and are quite pretty to view when the Filo is closed.
So overall I am happy with the purchase from KiddyQualia, and I would purchase from her again. The paper was £3.07 and the shipping was £5.52, with an overall price of £8.59. The only thing that slightly put me off from purchasing more was the shipping prices, but next time I will definitely email her about possibly combining shipping so I can get more for my money. The quality of the paper is a lot better than the Filofax paper, the colours are brighter, and the lines are darker and easier to see. I will definitely be buying her notepaper instead of Filofax notepaper from now on!

Have you ordered from KiddyQualia? What was your experience like?


  1. Yes, I am a very happy customer and I have ordered several times from her. Great products, ships fast, great price (I am in US so shipping here was not a problem).

  2. I love this shop and its' high quality paper. Ordering is very flexible and the owner will customize. Love the color variety !

  3. This is the 'only' paper I use in my Filofaxes. I use the graph in personal size and she pre punches it. It is thick and silky to write on. Love it!