Friday, March 14, 2014

My Favourite Pens + Papermate Inkjoy review

I know a lot of Filofax and Stationery users have their favourite pens and pen makes, so I thought I would make a post about mine. I only recently found what pens were my favourite, and I've also seen a few other Filofax users comment about how good these pens are too.

First up are my Papermate Inkjoy 100 1.0mm assorted pens which I bought from Staples last August. I bought them for a great price of £2.32 (the cheapest I can find on eBay is £3.35) and was very happy with the quality of the pens. I have never used the Papermate brand of pens before these, and they definitely made me a fan!

This is a review of all the pen colours. They write very smooth and don't smudge easily. Personally I find my handwriting changes with each pen I use, but these pens make my hand feel very comfortable and I tend to write neater with these pens. You don't have to press hard for the ink to come out either. The colours are bright but easy on the eye. I would definitely recommend these pens to everyone as they are very cute, easy to use and are a great price for 10 pens. And the pens fit inside my A5 Finsbury pen loops!

My second favourite pen is the Papermate Inkjoy Quatro 4 fun multi-colour of pink, purple. blue and lime green. I bought this pen from Morrisons for I believe £3.50 (but the cheapest on eBay is £3.34) Again this pen is very comfortable to use and my handwriting is generally always neat and easy to read with this pen. I am currently using it in my food diary (pink for the date, blue for the times, purple for what I eat, and green for how I feel). 

The above is the colours in writing. They are very easy to write with and are very smooth, the ink doesn't seem to dry up too quick so you don't have to check they work before writing. You don't have to push down hard for the pen to come out. When I bought this, it was an impulse buy in a "Ohh I've never tried these before but I've heard some good reviews on them so I'll try it out" way, and it definitely paid off! I am very happy with it and would recommend it. The only thing is the pen does not fit into the A5 Finsbury pen loops!

So what are your favourite pens to use? 


  1. Oh, my favourites are the exact same! I use the quatro pen daily in my filofax! Papermate has been my favourite brand for as long as I can remember.

  2. I can not for the life of me remember the name but they are the erasable ink, gel and Highlighters. AMAZING. I am not neat in the least but these are fantastic. I also LOVE THE INK JOY ONES TOO. xoxoxoxo