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Comparing Filofax Inserts (Filofax, Paperchase, Kikki-K, and Piaric)

Hello everybody! It's been such a long time since I made a Filofax related blog post, and I feel very guilty for neglecting the blog overall. I have little inspiration for blog posts, but recently someone got in touch about Filofax inserts (specifically in the UK) and I thought it might help a few people to hear my opinions on the Filofax inserts I have tried in the past. I haven't got photos of me using each inserts so please bare that in mind, and I hope this helps you in choosing future inserts :)

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Filofax Week On Two Pages (horizontal)
When you order a Filofax it will usually come with the week on two page inserts. These are the horizontal inserts that came with both my first Filofax's. They are okay if you're not looking to decorate much or use pens that are going to bleed through, because the paper quality isn't good at all. It's very thin and you can generally see the writing on the previous pages through the paper. Some people feel there isn't enough space to write on each day but others may find it's perfect. I personally didn't like these inserts and I was on the hunt for 'prettier' inserts with better paper quality. I would rate these inserts 4/10.

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Filofax Week On Two Pages (vertical)
These are the vertical week on two pages inserts from Filofax, and as I said in the paragraph above, these are the same paper quality as the horizontal inserts. I cannot remember if I bought these inserts or if they came with another Filofax, but I definitely wasn't a fan of them at all. I ended up using mine as a food diary for a while but it just wasn't doing it for me and I had to get new inserts. These would be better suited to someone who has appointments/meetings throughout the day at specific times as they have the hours throughout the day on them. These definitely aren't good if you're looking to decorate or journal as there is limited space. I would rate these inserts 4/10 (6/10 for business purposes).

Click to view the Paperchase inserts
Paperchase week on two pages inserts
These inserts are by a UK brand called Paperchase (which also happens to be one of my favourite stores EVER). They are lined week on two page inserts and are one of my favourite inserts which I used for a good few months. The paper quality is much better than the Filofax inserts and they are overall nicer than the Filofax inserts in my opinion. They came with an 18 month diary (including yearly/monthly inserts), 6 dividers, and extra notepaper. All this for a very cheap £6! I didn't have much to write in as you can see so that left me extra room for little notes, stickers, sticky notes or washi tape. The only reason I stopped using these inserts was because I got a Kikki-K planner which came with it's own inserts and I started using those, but I would definitely use these again and would definitely recommend them :) I would rate these inserts 8/10.

Click to view the Kikki-K inserts
Kikki-K week on two pages inserts
These inserts are the week on two pages by Kikki-K. They came with my first Kikki-K planner (the mint and gold A5 time planner) which I bought from a fellow instagrammer in the UK. It's my favourite planner so far as well as being my favourite inserts to date. As you can see they are very plain and have a lot of space to write/doodle/decorate, and they have very faint lines which is perfect if you find it hard to write neat on plain paper. Some people don't like these because they are quite thin and do bleed through with certain pens, but I find they are better paper quality than the Filofax inserts. I absolutely loved these inserts and I wanted to buy them again for 2015 but because they're shipped from Australia it can be quite expensive, as well as extra customs charges that can happen! But as I have a few friends in Australia I'm sure I could ask them to send me them over to avoid custom charges (which I'd obviously send money or a thank you gesture in return). I would rate these inserts 9/10.

Click to view Piaric's weekly inserts
Piaric week on two pages inserts (Mon-Sun)
Piaric is a seller on Facebook and Instagram, and she now has her own website you can order from (click on the link above to view all her available inserts). She has designed all the inserts herself and she will print them off and hole punch them for you too. I found her a while ago while I was using the Paperchase inserts and I have been wanting to try her inserts out for a while now, and I finally decided I would for 2015 (even though I've only ordered them less than a month ago... oops!). The price for the inserts combined with shipping is quite a reasonable price considering she does make and print these herself. I was so happy when I received them because the paper quality is the best I've ever experienced. The paper is smooth but thick, I highly doubt that any pen will bleed through but I have yet to test that out. The pages are clean looking with a lot of space for writing/doodling/decorating which is great for all you creative people, or when you just get bored! The only downside is obviously having to get used to writing without any lines, although you could try to put a page of dark lined paper behind the page (again I have yet to test this). I am definitely a fan of these and they are really worth the money and wait. I would rate these 9/10.

Okay so that's all the inserts I have used so far in my Filofax journey. The opinions and rates are due to my experience with them and whether I'd use them again. My favourite inserts are the Kikki-K and Piaric; and my worst are the Filofax inserts. I would love to hear your feedback on any inserts I've included as well as any others you've tried. Hopefully this will help people who are looking to buy inserts that will last a long time and will fit their needs. Thanks guys and have a great day!

Love, Abby x 

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