Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Week #39

This week was a Hello Kitty inspired week! I've never been into HK before, but since I've been kindly send some HK sticky notes, paper, and stickers by some wonderful people (thank you lovelies!) I've really become fond of her :) So this week I tried to keep it simple yet cute and 'girly'. I mainly went to college this week and also worked, I was meant to have a CT scan for my wrist Monday but it was rescheduled for next Wednesday as the machine broke. 

I also got paid last Friday and bought the white Expedit unit from Ikea which is not going to arrive until October 9th!! Crazy! But since I saw paperlovestory use it in her bedroom, I was smitten and had to get it myself (my room is green with white furniture, so it would fit in perfectly). Once it has arrived and I have it set up, I'll post some photos for you! :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Printable Expense Sheets

I've had a lot of readers email me for my expense sheets (shown above) to download, so here is a downloadable version for all if you want it! Click here (let me know if the link doesn't work, I'm using Google Docs and haven't used it before). If you do download and use them, let me know how you get on with them :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Week #38

This week was quite tiring, and I really didn't like my layout at all. I tried to be more creative and use different colours and patterns but the mix didn't work at all. I bought these check list sticky notes from eBay and when I put them on the paper, they just fell straight off the page which was disappointing as they're super cute. So I had to use some washi tape to stick it down. If anyone was wondering where I got both the orange washi tapes from, I got them from eBay. The pink, black, and white washi tape was a gift from someone :)

I also took part in the Venus Midnight Walk on Friday September 20th with 3 other friends as a group. We all walked 10K around Hereford to raise money for St Michael's Hospice. Currently I have raised nearly £40 alone which is fantastic!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Week #37

I've been so behind on uploading the My Week's posts on time, being back at college is taking it's toll already. But I will try and get on top of it asap! This week was minimal with some cute washi tape from eBay, an owl sticker, pink heart stickers from Paperchase, a cat sticky note from eBay and the green sticky note from Asda.

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Filofax Dividers!

I was looking for someone to create me some dividers a few months ago, and I found Kori on the Facebook Philofaxy website who offered to make me some and send them to me. It took me a while to decide what colours/patterns I wanted for the dividers, and what writing I wanted on them, but I came to a decision of rainbow polkadot dividers in the order of:
  1. Calendar - year, month and week inserts
  2. Health - weight and measurements charts, quotes/reminders
  3. Finance - money going in and out each month
  4. Info - my personal info
  5. Notes - plain note paper and spare to-do lists
I was so happy when she showed me them, they were beautiful and I couldn't wait to get them and start using them! She did a fantastic job as well, I was so happy and it was definitely worth the money. 

This is what they look like in my A5 pink finsbury

Sunday, September 08, 2013

My Week #36

This week I was at my nans house sitting and looking after her cat. I started back at college this week with college enrolment days on Wednesday and Thursday. I also received my new glasses ^.^ Very simple green inspired week.

Friday, September 06, 2013

My Week #35

I was a bit late in posting this, well quite late as it was meant to be posted last Sunday but I haven't been home or on the internet since last week so wasn't able to post it. But yeah this was my week with a cute pink theme! I got the martha stewart stuff Jessica from Instagram sent me, and also got a cute RAK with the sweetest note in (shown in bottom photo on right side) which made me smile! I also won a giveaway from Instagram and received that as well as my first penpal letter :) I had a slightly busy week, but I had a lot of fun decorating my pages. I am now back at college doing my final year then off to uni!

What I used this week:

  • Light pink with yellow polka dots washi tape was from the pastel masking sticker set from eBay 
  • Dark pink polka dot washi tape was from eBay (seller was dragonchant) 
  • Butterfly, bird, and fish stickers were from a lovely RAK 
  • Other two stickers were from a giveaway I won on Instagram
  • Arrow sticky note were from eclovespaper on Instagram, I believe you can get them in Walmart or Michaels (we don't have either in the UK)
  • Blue sticky note was also from a RAK and I also think the heart sticky note was from a RAK too although I cannot remember exactly (have a very bad memory, sorry!)
  • Pink small sticky notes were from B&M (came as a pack with small arrows for £1)
  • Pink fox, owl and flower sticky note were from Paperchase
  • Owl note was from a RAK but you can get them in Ryman