Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hello everyone, long time no see! This year has been a rollercoaster for me, and not a fun one at that. But now I am back with some positive news and I'm so excited... I'm 5 months pregnant! :) I found out a few weeks ago (but feels like I've known forever) but I had no idea how far along I was as I haven't really had periods for a number of years now. I had my first scan on May 27th where I thought I was around 12 weeks, and it turned out I was 18 weeks! BIG shock, but it made it even more real and exciting. I'm now currently 20 weeks 2 days.
I was so shocked because since I found out I was pregnant to the scan, I have actually lost about 10lbs. My stomach had started to become rounder and harder the week leading up to the first scan and I had started to feel movement quite regularly too. So when I found out I was 18 weeks, my mom decided to pay for a private gender scan the next day (you have to pay for gender scans now, and the one we got cost £79 including 2d and 4d prints). I'll be honest, I really wanted to have a girl and I was unsure how I would've felt it being a boy. I've never wanted children anyway but always wanted a girl if I did, which is silly because you can't choose the sex either way >.< But after looking online and speaking to people, feeling disappointed on having the opposite gender you hoped for is very common and nothing to feel ashamed about. I soon got over it and cannot wait to hold my little boy :)

Since I found out I was pregnant, my main symptoms have been feeling sick, no appetite, awful heartburn and gagging all the time. I rarely have been sick so far because I'm not eating much food, although I am trying to eat more since I found out I am in the second trimester. I was so surprised he was so healthy and a healthy size, I felt so relieved and wanted to try my best to make sure he continues to grow healthy. The heartburn is awful, it's said the more heartburn you have the more 'hairier' your baby will be... Seeing as the father was born with so much hair (more than I currently have!) it's a big possibility. Another symptom I've started getting which is right for the time now, is sore and swollen feet, and backache. I usually get them after each work shift and if I go out walking for more than an hour.

My huge belly at 18 weeks 5 days

I've started to experience Braxton Hicks which aren't painful but make my lower stomach extremely tight for a minute or less. I've had regular movement especially after I eat, and I usually fall asleep feeling him move with a smile on my face :) I can't wait for my little peanut to arrive, the due date is October 26th but I have a feeling he will arrive a little earlier. Let's hope everything continues to go well because it's all downhill from here!

Love Abby and baby xx

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