Thursday, October 03, 2013

How To Colour Code In Your Filofax

I've noticed that most people who own a Filofax and use it regularly have their own colour coding system. I personally have experimented with different colour coding styles and systems, but none have really worked well for me. I wanted to find out what people currently use and why it works for them. 

These are some photos I've found online of people's colour coding systems for their Filofax (links are below the photo) 

From Label Me Organized

From Imysworld
From Team Filofax
From Inside The Crafters Studio watch Cathy's video on her system here

From Jagged Little Thoughts
My first colour coding system

So above was my first colour coding system which I tried out in my Filofax. I tried to keep it simple and fun, but I ended up not using it. I love the transparent colour stickers from Paperchase, but there aren't many in a pack as they come with big ones and smaller ones. I planned to use them instead of writing in colour on my calendar but I found it was slightly annoying to get the stickers out, so ended up not using them.

At the time of this photo I was keeping a food diary in my Filofax. I was using the vertical week on two pages so I used a different colour for each day so it made the week look more pleasing to the eye.

Youtube Video links:
If you have your own colour coding system, leave a comment below with your link or a description :)


  1. Color-coding in a minimalist way these days:

  2. Lots of people use the Martha Stewart dew drops too

    1. Ohh yes, I completely forgot about the dew drops! Those were the only photos I found on Google images at the time :3

  3. Thanks for sharing my color coding insert :) what a bunch of great ideas shown here, may be time for a change soon!