Saturday, October 26, 2013

Changing how I use my monthly inserts for 2014

I haven't been very happy with the presenation of my monthly inserts. I've realized the colour scheme isn't working for me, so I'm preparing a change for my new monthly inserts for 2014.

As you can see, I've been using these coloured sticky hearts from Asda to colour code, but because they're slightly bigger than I'd like, it's quite hard to use more than one on each day. So I've decided to change from stickers to using coloured pens to write in appointments, birthdays, pay days etc. Anything that isn't 100% set in stone (i.e birthdays) will be put on sticky notes until it's done.

I'll still be putting some washi tape at the top of the monthly pages to make it a little pretty, and write something good that happened in that month. And for the days that are before and after that month, I will colour in with different coloured pencils for each month (see above - that was a tester). I may use stickers throughout the months for special events, but it's not a definite.

I've finally come to a decision with how to decorate my monthly pages! This is January 2014, and each month is a different colour with a matching masking tape at the top. I've coloured in each month in advanced so the only decorating I have to do is put stickers on the days for certain events... Which brings me onto my new colour coding system! I have started to use these coloured stickers from Sainsburys; each colour represents something which is written on the Project Life card to remind myself. I also stick notes for things I need to do in that month (for example, I had to make a dentist appointment for February, so I needed to remind myself by the end of January).

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