Friday, May 02, 2014

My Planning Favourites

I get a handful of comments asking me what I use in my planner on a regular basis and where they are from, so I thought I'd do a little post of all my current planning favourites to use :) 

Most of the things I use have been kindly sent to me through pen pals and RAK's (random acts of kindness from a Facebook group). I live in the countryside where there are close to no stationery shops... It's very hard for me to find things like washi tape, stickers, project life cards, sticky notes and so on; so when people send me them I am ever so grateful!

These are my current favourite washi tapes :) The first top three on the left are from Sainsbury's and they come in a pack, the next four are all from eBay, and the last one on the right is from Wilkinson's. The bottom left was sent to me (it's actually deco tape, not washi), the next two are from eBay and they came together, the next two are from Wilkinson's, and the last 9 are all from eBay (there are 10 all together but I used one up).

These all were sent to me except for the middle bottom 3 Martha Stewart sticky notes which I purchased from a lovely girl called Jessica on Instagram who kindly offered to buy and send me them from her local Staples store (as I live over an hour and a half away from the nearest one, and they didn't have any). I am not sure where all the others are from, but you can find the little talk sticky notes on eBay in a variety of designs.

More of my favourite sticky notes. The top set were from WHSmith, the middle left set were from eBay, all the rest were all sent to me through penpals and RAKs (I love the bottom middle and right two so much, I wish I could find more!).

These are great sticky flags! The first and second were sent to me and the revision tags I bought from Staples (in the UK). The first ones are my favourite, I would love to get the other colour set too :) I use the first set for mainly little reminders and appointments, and the right set for college assignments.

These cuties aren't sticky notes, but I usually stick them in my Filofax using some clear tape because I absolutely LOVE them! They were kindly sent to me from a lovely person on Instagram who couldn't use them in her smaller Filofax and offered them to me! I'm so sorry I cannot remember your name but thank you so much :)

These are just some of my favourite papers which have been sent to me as I cannot find any of them anywhere. I use them for to-dos in my filofax, and I also use them in my penpal letters :) They are just so cute! Sadly I don't know where to find any of these :(

I got into using project life cards when some of my penpals sent me a couple from 
America, and I just thought they were so cute and handy for keeping quotes, notes, to-dos and reminders in my filofax! So I bought my first pack from theideaowl on Instagram for a great price, this is the seasons* set :)

 I don't use tabs on a regular basis, but these are my absolute favourite tabs to use. They are the Martha Stewart and Avery line which is sadness now discontinued (it was incredibly hard getting my hands on them, especially the right set!). The left and middle sets I bought from Jessica on Instagram, and the right set I bought from a kind seller on Amazon who set up a special order for me when I emailed them and pleaded to have a set :D

My favourite pens to use are the papermate inkjoy 1.0m set which I bought from Staples but you can get them pretty much anywhere including Amazon and eBay for really good prices. I highly recommend them!

So that's it for my current favourites to use in my Filofax. I love stationery and I am so thankful for every person who has sent me something because you have helped me out so much, and of course made me super duper happy!! :)


  1. I love all your stationary! Everything is so cute!
    Too bad you live in the countryside..well, at least you have friends to get you some stationary! :)

    I found your blog today and I think it is so creative. I have been looking for new guest bloggers recently, so I was wobdering if you would be interested? You can email me at


    1. I've emailed you, thank you :)

      Abby x