Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Week #11 - #17

I haven't really been posting a lot on my blog because at home I don't have constant internet access, so I do apologize. So here is a catch up of the last several weeks :)

week #11
week #12
week #13
week #14
week #15
week #16
week #17
If you want to know where I got anything shown just comment below :)


  1. I'd like to know where you got everything if it's not too much to ask! :)

    1. No problem :) Most of the things I have were sent to me kindly by raks and penpals, so I am not too sure where they got them from. I'm from the UK so the things I have are usually either from eBay or UK stores.

      Most of the washi tapes are from eBay except for the ones in the first photo (they are from Wilkinsons, and the bunting tape I bought from chaoticstationery on Instagram), the pink check tape in the 4th photo was sent to me, the bright yellow tape down the edges in the 5th photo were also sent to me in a giveaway on Instagram, and the floral ones in the 6th photo were in a pack from Sainsbury's.

      Most of the project life cards were sent to me from raks and penpals also, and I recently bought the season set from

      The owl stickers in the 6th photo and the cat stickers in the 7th photo are both in a pack from Sainsbury's. Again most were sent to me from raks and penpals (I live in the English countryside so there isn't very many stores around, so it's hard to find anything stationery wise). The big star stickers in the first photo are from eBay, and the fluorescent pink heart stickers are from Paperchase.

      And pretty much all the sticky notes were sent to me from raks and penpals too. The orange flower sticky note in the first photo is from WHSmith, the pink sticky note in the second photo is from eBay, the pink Martha Stewart sticky note in the 4th photo I bought from someone on Instagram. And the blue sticky notes in the last photo are from Paperchase.

      I'm sorry I'm not much help :( If you are in the UK some good stores are Paperchase, The Range, Hobby Craft, The Works, Rymans, WHSmith. In the US I know there is the dollar section at Walmart, Joannes?, Michaels, Daiso. In AU there is Kikki K. I get most things from eBay because it's cheaper and easier for me to get things like washi tape, just search washi tapes and whatever design you're looking for and you should find some great sellers who will combine postage for you so it's cheaper :)

      I am going to do a blog post soon about my favourite stationery to use in my Filofax pages, and I will do more detail about eBay sellers and stores, and try to find the ones I was sent so you can find them too :)

      Abby x