Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guest Post On Little Panda Crafts!

Hello everyone! I thought I would let all you planner lovers know that I recently featured as a guest blogger on the lovely MJ's blog, Little Paper Crafts (go follow her if you like cute crafty tutorials and posts!). Click here to read my guest post about how to decorate your weekly planner pages :)

I will walk you through each step to go from this...
To this!
I would love to hear your feedback on either the post on Little Panda Craft's blog, or here. You can also email me directly at

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I will definitely take a look at your guest post! The way you decorated your planner pages are so cute! Love the cat themed sticky notes and flags!


    1. Thank you very much Rebecca :) I get a lot of inspiration from instagram on the filofax tags, but I never think mine is anywhere near as pretty as some of them :')

      Abby x