Friday, April 18, 2014

Patent Red Compact Filofax Review

I recently won this beautiful patent red compact Filofax from an Instagram giveaway by paperedhearts. I've never had a personal or compact Filofax before so I was pretty excited to get it! I've set it up to suit my needs and I'm going to give it a try to see if the size works for me :) It's definitely looking good so far! Thanks Jennifer :)

Jennifer kindly made me this beautiful personalized dashboard!
This is in the first tab, the general Filofax information pages.
The diary pages (week on two pages) are in the second tab. I took January to March pages out to save space. It's so nice to have a transparent ruler!
In the third tab are the to do pages; it only came with 2 pages which is a shame but I can always pick up more :)
Under tab four are the Filofax pages (2 pages of the white and coloured lined pages, blank paper, and graph paper)
Under the fifth tab are the contact pages, and there is nothing under the 6th tab.
So that's the set up so far, I'm not sure whether I'll keep the dividers in but I'll see how it works out. It's such a beautiful Filofax and I really want to make use of it :) I'll just share a few personal 'negatives' with the Filofax (for others these may or may not be a problem).

There are slight gaps in the top rings (shown above) but it's not a problem :)
The pen loop is quite small so you can't fit a lot of pens in there.
This is the size of the Filofax once I had taken a few pages out and had set it up as shown above. Even though it's compact size, it can fit quite a lot more inside.
The size difference of the patent red compact and the A5 pink Finsbury.
 I'd love to hear if you have moved from A5 to personal/compact size and how you've found the smaller sized pages and less room? How it's worked out for you? Which do you prefer? I think I will always be an A5 size person but it's a nice change :)


  1. I used to be in an A5 after a couple of years of being in a personal. Didn't take long for me to move back. I have a slimline now and have also used it but again and again I go back to the personal size. The most favored size I hear! The patient organizers look so lovely! Hope it works out for you.

    Nice blog by the way <3

    1. Yeah mostly everyone I see online uses the personal size, and they always have more Filofax styles and colour choices too! :) Thank you Alondra x