Sunday, February 02, 2014

My Week #5

This week I was feeling quite girly and cute, so I put that into my week design and I'm pretty happy with it! The stickers were sent to me in a swap with a lovely girl called Rebecca from America. I sent her a Filofax and she sent me some goodies in return. She also sent me the heart and pink sticky notes. The "I'm with you rain or shine" sticky note was sent to me by someone else (I have an awful memory).  And all washi tapes were from eBay.

How was your week?


  1. i really love the colour's used! :)

    I usually just stick on all sorts of washi tape/Deco rush together and hope it looks good! haha :)

    1. Thank you! That's pretty much what I do haha, but now I try and do a little more planning and prep before actually sticking it down n_n