Monday, August 26, 2013

My Week #34

This week wasn't all busy, I'm still off college and should be going back in a couple of weeks, but for now it's just been a few days of work and a few days relaxing. I ordered some final college stuff from Paperchase including their A4 dividers which are amazing! I ordered some for last year whilst I was halfway through the year, and they were so good. They're plastic, so they don't rip like the paper dividers we were given, and they also came with tabs to put on them so you didn't have to permanently write on them or make your own. So I bought another one of those for this year (when it all comes I'll do another little mini haul post). I also got a RAK which was absolutely lovely, when I got it I wasn't having a great day, but coming home to this made me feel wonderful :3 So thank you whoever sent it to me! :3

Things I used this week:
  • Masking sticker set in pastel from eBay 
  • Sticky notes - sent in a RAK, small yellow one from B&M, and the big yellow pastel one is from Asda 
  • Pen - Warner Leisure hotel pen and mechanical pencil set (gift)
  • Note - sent with the RAK :)

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