Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ikea/Staples mini Haul (and experiences)

Today (Saturday) I went to Ikea and Staples in Bristol for the first time. I was so excited because I wanted to finally get my hands on some Martha Stewart post it notes and tabs at Staples. I knew they had been discontinued, but I had seen people in the US and UK find some at very cheap prices. We went to Ikea first and I bought myself a vanilla candle (70p) and a new duvet set (£15). It was huge, there were lots of people and way too much to see and drool over.

 So this was my little 'haul' from Staples besides the candle and bed sheets (from Ikea). This was my first time in Staples and I was so excited to get there, from everything I had heard people saying about Staples in the states, I thought it would be stationery heaven! I was so disappointed when I walked through the doors and it seemed bare, with no people inside apart from the guy working there. I looked around and was astonished by the prices! Some pens were nearly £10... The same ones I could get in Asda or Tesco for less than £2. Staples was a huge rip off, and everything I bought in the photo (7 items) cost me £10.30.. All of which I could've gotten closer to me for half the price. I live in the countryside, so I traveled 2 hours to get to Bristol especially for Ikea and Staples... I only bought these things because I'm going back to college soon and they were the best I found in the store at the cheapest prices. It might be different in the states, but in the UK I've found out today, Staples is definitely not a great place for stationery with limited supplies and high prices. And the worst part was.... THEY HAD NO MARTHA STEWART POST ITS AND TABS WHICH IS WHAT I AM DYING TO GET!!! :(

These study sticky notes were the only things I found in Staples which I hadn't seen anywhere else (the writing isn't actually on the post its)

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