Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Week #33

My week has been well, a relaxing yet busy week. I had my wrist x-rayed on Monday as I had an injury years ago and might need surgery to fix it as I cannot move it properly. I received a cute RAK from Holli which was super exciting! The yellow and orange sticky notes she sent me along with the little white bear on the bottom right. I have a clear flyleaf I made in the middle of the week to post sticky notes and reminders, if I do them on the week I post them and if I don't I keep them on and move it to the next week.

Here is what I used this week:


  1. Love the orange sticky notes! Whatever you write on THESE notes, will pretty much DEMAND your attention, right?! I like the orange washi tape that matches up at the top of your pages too!.. Hope the docs can fix your wrist up nicely. ~tina

    1. Yeah they're great :) I try and keep my week in some sort of colour matching scheme but these week it sort of got out of hand haha. I don't have a lot of different colours with sticky notes and washi tapes so had to improvise. I hope so too :) Thanks Tina x