Saturday, January 18, 2014

My First Pair Of Dr Martens!

I bought a pair of Dr Martens 1460 W Patent Lamper White Blanc from tReds in their January sale. They're usually £89.99 but I bought them at £39.99, I couldn't pass this fantastic deal up! They were sold out completely of the black boots, and had sold out of my size in the white for a while. A few days later I checked their website and they only had my size in, so I went for it! 

My first reaction: I ordered the boots on the Friday evening, and got them on the Tuesday morning. When I opened the box and checked out the boots, I found a little scratch mark on the right boot (shown below) which isn't too much of a bother to me. I loosened the laces and stretched the insides out with my hand, folded the heels in and out a few times to soften the leather up so they wouldn't rub too much. 

I wore them the Wednesday for college; I made sure to wear a thick pair of socks which definitely helped the breaking in process, but by the end of the day I had a small blister on my left heel. I looked up a few breaking in tips and found that rubbing baby oil into the leather should help to soften up the leather, I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure there is no harm in giving it a go. My mom mentioned rubbing some Vaseline into the heel to also soften the backs, which has worked for me in the past with other shoes so I'll be doing that. 

Apart from the blister, I've also had a little problem with the tightness where the laces start on my foot. It was only on my right foot, but it was quite painful and left me with a bruise. I read that taking the laces out and stretching the boots will help with that so I will be giving that a go. Apart from that, these boots are now my favourite shoes and I will definitely invest in more Dr Martens!


  1. I love Dr Martens! Once they are worn in you'll never want to take them off :)

  2. Nice! I've always wanted some docs - the darker red ones!