Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello 2014! New Years Resolutions and an update

London's firework show on New Years eve 2013
Okay, so I'm 19 days late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm so sorry about not being up to date with blogging, I've had a mad few weeks. I was diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome (it's a sleeping disorder, click the link to learn more about it). I've also not had much time to get online and blog properly, but that's one of my resolutions this year, to blog more regularly :)

I've written down a few simple goals for myself to complete this year and put them in my Filofax so I can see them often. 

I plan to take my theory test by March, and my practical by July. I also want to lose 20lbs by the time I finally go to meet my best friend Shannon in July as well as taking part in the Sunderland colour run! I am going to be saving up money throughout the year to go on trips. The volunteering is apart of my paramedic science course for uni; I have to complete roughly 50-60 hours of volunteering with adults and the elderly before I apply to uni. Even though I won't be getting paid for a whole year (I'll still be working part time at a supermarket), I am really looking forward to it!

I am a huge fan of Bubzbeauty on Youtube, and when I watched her video "12 Resolutions Everyone Should Make" I completely agreed with the resolutions she mentioned. For me personally, these resolutions will help me be more laid back and positive, and I would recommend others to follow suit :) I'm also going to be writing these in my Filofax to remind myself each day!
  1. Enjoy life now
  2. Mind your own business
  3. Use your mouth carefully
  4. Live life with appreciation
  5. Stop comparing
  6. Let go of the past
  7. Do yourself a favour and forgive
  8. Love yourself
  9. Accept that not everyone will like you
  10. Give out more and receive more
  11. Stop worrying
  12. Teach to learn. Learn to teach.

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