Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Week #39

This week was a Hello Kitty inspired week! I've never been into HK before, but since I've been kindly send some HK sticky notes, paper, and stickers by some wonderful people (thank you lovelies!) I've really become fond of her :) So this week I tried to keep it simple yet cute and 'girly'. I mainly went to college this week and also worked, I was meant to have a CT scan for my wrist Monday but it was rescheduled for next Wednesday as the machine broke. 

I also got paid last Friday and bought the white Expedit unit from Ikea which is not going to arrive until October 9th!! Crazy! But since I saw paperlovestory use it in her bedroom, I was smitten and had to get it myself (my room is green with white furniture, so it would fit in perfectly). Once it has arrived and I have it set up, I'll post some photos for you! :)


  1. Nice blog! I follow you on bloglovin. Do you want follow my blog?

    1. Hello Daniela :) Thank you, I'll follow now x