Sunday, August 23, 2015

31 weeks pregnant update!

Hello everyone! Today I am 31 weeks pregnant, only 9 weeks until my due date of October 26th. My last update I was 25 weeks pregnant, and I don't feel a lot has really changed or happened since then to be honest. I had my third scan last Monday, but unfortunately I had a pretty awful sonographer who didn't once show me the screen so didn't get to see baby at all :( I asked for a photo but she declined saying she couldn't get one. I felt really annoyed and slightly upset, but I have another scan in 3 weeks time so I will be definitely demanding to see the screen and to get a photo as it'll most likely be my last scan before he arrives!

28 weeks pregnant
30 weeks pregnant
I've still had no cravings, but my appetite has gone pretty much back to normal besides I can only really eat half of what I use to before. My heartburn has recently come back in the last week, and my feet and ankles have started to swell especially after my 8 hour shifts. I finish work officially on September 12th, but I have two weeks holiday before then so my last shift is August 29th :) I've definitely had more intense lower back pain/sciatica, where the pain runs down from my lower back through my butt and down both of my legs (usually to my knees). It's very painful and it makes it difficult to move, walk, go to the toilet, stand up etc. The only thing that seems to help is a hot bath which I have pretty much everyday.

I have everything for the baby ready, but because I'm still waiting for a place to live with baby, majority of everything is in storage so it's pretty frustrating when you want to get everything set up and ready but you can't. I can't wait to be able to decorate my own home, I just hope I get a place and hopefully have a few weeks to get it somewhat ready before he arrives. I'm planning to make all the food from scratch when he starts weaning, which I've got everything for (pretty much all Tomee Tippee equipment including the blender). I bought the First Foods Book by Ella's Kitchen which looks really good so it'll be fun to try out. 
So yeah, that's it really! Baby is still very very active, I've noticed the fetal hiccups about 1-2 weeks ago and since then I've had them regularly. He is head down and currently kicking me in the rib area which is lots of fun... not ^-^ I'm still excited about the labour and birth, I've written a draft of my birth plan and I'm starting to pack for the hospital (lots of lists!). I'm hoping things will go smoothly for the next 9 or so weeks, and overall I plan for a natural vaginal delivery unless an emergency caeserean is necessary.

Love, Abby :)

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