Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paperchase Review!

Hello my rays of sunshine! I hope you're having a wonderful day, and if you're not, this post will DEFINITELY put a big smile on your face. I bring you some stationery products to review from the lovely Paperchase :) 

I have been a huge fan of Paperchase and all of their beautiful products since I got into Filofaxing about 2 years ago. I believe Angela from Paperlovestory had a link to Paperchase in one of her posts a while back, and I just clicked on and fell in love. I have ordered from them a few months back and bought some heart stickers, appointment stickers, and A4 plastic dividers for my college folder. Since finding Paperchase, I have kept a running wishlist of their products, and if I could I would own everything they have! So I got in touch with a lovely lady from Paperchase called Tracy, explaining that I adore stationery and their products, and would absolutely love to do a review on their products for my readers (as I get asked a lot about what stores I recommend/if I have used this products etc). I honestly didn't think I would get a yes, so when she agreed I was surprised and extremely excited!! It arrived the next day and I got ahead with taking photos as I took everything out of the packaging (so get ready for some awesome eye candy!)

Firstly, I must say the postage was extremely fast. It arrived the day after Tracy agreed with the review. I remember the postage time was very fast the first time I ordered a few months back, it took about 2 days to arrive which is excellent in my books! For UK standard delivery it is £3.25 when you spend up to £24.99 and they deliver within 3-5 working days; and it's free delivery over £25! They have other delivery options here including international shipping :) 

They also included a little note from Paperchase, which I thought was so lovely. It was really nice of them to let me do this review, I know all of you stationery lovers will adore their products as much as I do (who doesn't?!). 

So this is the first product I took out of the package, and I was like OH MY GOSH.. It's as though they knew I had six cats and knew it had my name written all over it!! It is the A5 glitter cute cats notebook and it is adorable. The quality of the notebook is really well made, and it's pretty thick too with 192 lined pages. I never really thought about buying this from their website as I'm not a fan of glitter, but this really is just so cute in person, and the glitter doesn't even bother me as it's got a clear (I want to say plastic?) covering over so you can't rub the glitter off which is what I was worried about when I first saw it online a while ago.

This is the inside of the notebook. The paper quality is really good, it's thicker than Filofax paper but not too thick. It also has a pink ribbon bookmark which is super handy! I wanted to see whether the two pens I use most regularly would bleed through, and they didn't! The first pen is a normal black ballpoint pen from Asda, and the second is a uni jetstream 101 1.0 in black which is more of a gel rollerball I guess, and on the Filofax papers this one bleeds through. I would definitely recommend this notebook, I can't say any faults on it, besides wishing there was a Paperchase store closer to me :)

Next is this beautiful vintage butterfly sticky note set. I can't find this on their website, so it may be a discontinued product, however other vintage butterfly stationery is available here. I love sticky notes, they are so handy in a lot of situations. I use them a lot in my planner, to note down reminders, to-dos, appointments, deadlines, overtime etc. Here is the inside of the set:

The sticky notes seem to be good sticky quality too. The small and medium sizes are pretty handy to use inside my A5 planner, as they both can fit into my credit card holders, and can fit onto pages without covering everything else up.

Aren't these dual ended colouring pencils awesome?! They are so bright and fun to look at! They are chunkier than normal colouring pencils, but I find they actually have a better grip. There are 24 colours in total, and the window in the kraft box makes it easier to see which colours you want without taking them all out. They have a nice range of colours too. I haven't tried them on paper as I decided to give them as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, which I'm sure he'll love as he is very creative :)

These are adorable floral sticky note (which even my mom was jealous about!) and I can see myself using these a lot in my planner!! They are so fun and the colours will go with any style design I put in my weekly planner pages. They are very sticky and have enough room to write a whole list of to-dos, a few appointment reminders, maybe even write a weekly dinner planner on it :) I absolutely love these already and will buy them again for sure, I definitely recommend them!

Paperchase sent me these awesome stickers. It's very difficult for me to find novelty stickers to use in my planners and in my penpal letters as there aren't many stationery stores in the countryside >.< So I was super thrilled to receive some awesome stickers! Here are some close ups of each of the sticker sets, with links to the products on the Paperchase website:
These are cupcake capsule stickers, the striped hearts move within the capsule which is super cute. I cannot find these on their website, but here are some similar cupcake capsule stickers :)
These are Archors Ahoy stickers which are a set of 40 stickers and they include
anchors, shells, seahorses and starfish.
These alphabet stickers are perfect for using with penpal letters and even decorating the envelopes with. I cannot find these on the website, but here are some other cute alphabet stickers!
How adorable are these cat calendar stickers? I actually have been wanting these for a while now, so I am super happy to finally have them :D I didn't realize there were 6 sheets included, so I will be sending these off to some penpals abroad who aren't able to purchase things from Paperchase (I hope you guys like them!). They have a cute cat sticker for each month from July 2014 to June 2105. On their website I noticed it says they have 5 sheets of stickers which is a total of 60 stickers, however I had 6 sheets in the pack sent to me (I'm not sure whether this is a mistake on the website or with my pack). 

They also sent me 5 gorgeous washi tapes! I love washi tapes, they are so handy with decorating my planner sheets, penpal letters, envelopes, birthday cards, little notes and so on. Two of these tapes were on my wish list too, which is an awesome surprise! They are very thick and the quality is amazing. I bought the cloud heart washi tape a few months back from a seller on eBay, and the quality was nowhere near as good, and it was half the size of the tape too. They have various other washi tape designs which you can check out here
Here are the tapes they sent me, the designs are so cute and colourful. I can't wait to use these in my penpal letters and envelopes, especially the handmade with love one! I put them on a piece of paper for you to see the designs and how it will look when it's stuck down. They were easy to peel back and change where you want to place them.
I hope you enjoyed these awesome Paperchase goodies they very kindness sent to me to review. I honestly cannot say anything bad about these products, they are all great quality and make me want to own all the products even more! Thank you Paperchase for letting me do this review, I enjoyed all of your products and I cannot wait to share them with all my penpals and also in a few surprise happy mails on the Facebook groups FiloRAKING, Happy Mail, Planner & RAK Lovers, and RAK-A-HOLIC DIVAS

I am going to be ordering some more products in the future from Paperchase, including stickers, sticky notes, washi tapes, and pens. If there is any stationery you are interested in from Paperchase but want to see what they are like before purchasing, comment below and include the link, or email me - abbysterry@hotmail.com

Let me know if you have any Paperchase goodies, and which ones are your favourite :)

Check out Paperchase and all their cute goodies here. Check out their Instagram page @frompaperchase and give them a follow to see some of their work!

Thanks for reading!
Love Abby xx 

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  1. I love everything so much! I will for sure have to look at their store :)


    1. I've already got a wishlist for the next time I order from them :) I'm also hoping to actually go to their store for the first time next month! If I do I will take some photos hehe.

      Abby x

  2. I used to buy Paperchase journals when we had a Borders bookstore. It was the only place in the US (that I knew of) that sold them. I am sooo thrilled to see that they have a site with international shipping now! My wallet might not be as thrilled.....

    - Ronni

    1. It's a good thing most of their products are good prices, like their stickers are really cheap and usually include 5 sheets! Definitely worth the price and wait, I'd love to know if you purchase anything and your thoughts on them :)

      Abby x